Tanmaya Reiki Herzheilung Meditation
"Entdecke den Raum in dir, der schon immer heil ist,
und begegne deinem wahren Selbst."
- Tanmaya -

Reiki 1 November 2015 in the UK

Revisiting the  Reiki 1 course with Tanmaya this autumn at Fairfield house was a revelation.

I learnt Usui Reiki Level 1 many years ago, but have not used the treatments or self-treatments very much.

I finally understood the hand positions and what organs and conditions they are treating and why it is useful to have a sequence of positions.

I understand now also why it is useful to spend the time unhurriedly.

As I immersed myself into the course, with the healing  meditations and exercises as well as the Reiki healing exchanges, I could relax into my own healing in a very deep way as well as making new Reiki friends.

I feel inspired again to make Reiki, part of my daily life!

Reiki table

I am now doing daily self-treatment  and regularly am using one of Tanmaya's healing meditation CD.
I love to browse in her Reiki books for inspiration, as the illustrations are so beautiful and the positions are so clearly detailed and explained with real life colour photos.

I also had the occasion this week to use Reiki as first aid, as I cut my right thumb on a sharp blade in the garden. As well as cleaning my wound, I gave Reiki to my thumb as much as possible over the next few days. Bleeding stopped quickly and the wound healed very well.

The course being residential at Fairfield House at the Somerset coast was an extra bonus, delicious and healthy food being served all day combined with luxurious rooms and a cosy wood burning stove in the lounge. It was a perfect cocoon to just be and be pampered and go deeply into a healing experience. Thank you, Shruti. 

Thank you, Tanmaya, for a beautiful weekend and for being such an inspiration.

Lots of love, Prasthano

Prastanho took part in the Reiki 1 Training in October 2015 at Fairfield House in the UK