Tanmaya Healing: Reiki - Heart Healing - Meditation
"Discover that place within you, which has always been whole and healthy, and meet your true Self."
- Tanmaya -

Tanmaya is a renowned Reiki-Teacher, best-selling authoress, healer and one of the pioneers of Reiki in western culture.
She began practicing Reiki in 1983, and over the past 36 years has worked throughout Europe, America, Japan, India and Australia.
Tanmaya’s unique trainings and seminars combine traditional Usui Reiki with meditation and provide a deeper sense of awareness of each individual’s capacity for healing.
The Reiki trainings are held in Cologne (Germany) and she also offers individual one-to-one tailor-made courses.

“This healing work invites you into presence, self-love & compassion, nourishing body, mind and soul.” Tanmaya

Reiki First Degree Training in Cologne
Tanmaya is available for Individual Reiki training courses.


Reiki Master Teacher Training

Reiki Initiations and Master Training Courses

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Reiki Sessions and Distant Healing

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Reiki courses and training with Tanmaya
Reiki Initiations open your channel for healing
Reiki Master Degree
The Reiki Master Degree (Third Degree)

Reiki Master Teacher Training

Reiki Master Teacher Training

Individual Reiki Sessions

Personal Reiki Treatment & Consultations

Online Sessions and Distant Healing

Online Sessions and Distant Healing

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Reiki Books

Tanmaya's books have sold around 500,000 copies worldwide.
Her six best-selling books have been translated into all the major world languages.

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Email Tanmaya | Phone: + 49 0221- 179 25 17
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Tanmaya's Journey

Tanmaya: My Journey - Beginnings and First Steps

Beginnings and First Steps