Tanmaya Healing: Reiki - Heart Healing - Meditation
"Discover that place within you, which has always been whole and healthy, and meet your true Self."
- Tanmaya -

I have just returned from a visit to India where I spent time in a retreat with my spiritual teacher. It is very important to take time out for spiritual renewal and going deeper into ourselves. I personally find this very empowering.

It is very different from learning or expanding on the healing work I do - rather it is about taking time for reflection and integrating with the deeper layers inside me.

In this atmosphere of an awakened Being I find that I can relax into a space where I become fully open.

In such a retreat I get a chance to look at how my mind brings up old beliefs, patterns and emotions. We all have this in life when something happens which triggers a strong emotion. And how easy it is to be lost in that.

But it is important for me to remember that it is possible to stay open and soft in the heart, and to use this energy for healing both myself and others.

For everyone in the retreat, many issues were touched - feelings of separation & solitude, of lack of self-esteem, of being vulnerable & defenceless, about innocence, trust, clarity and more.
I learned to stay open and soft within the heart, which helped me to allow my own vulnerability and to rest in ‘what I really am’.

I have been to India many times. It is still a very spiritual country and there is a ‘magic in the air’. Immediately when I arrive there I start to slow down, as everything runs in its own rhythm or order.

Because it is so unlike my world in Germany & England, part of the process of my journey there is learning to ‘let go’ of my own ways and allowing things to fall - by their own accord - easily, magically into place.

I am looking forward to share everything I learnt during this time. I feel quite rested and nourished in my heart and touched in my soul.

One little secret I have brought back with me is to start liking ‘opening’. To see every moment as a chance for exploration. I have this new phrase I am using a lot even in difficult situations.
The simple words “Oh I like that”!

Try it and see what happens. And eliminate the phrase “I don’t like” from your vocabulary.


Much love to all, Tanmaya