Tanmaya Healing: Reiki - Heart Healing - Meditation
"Discover that place within you, which has always been whole and healthy, and meet your true Self."
- Tanmaya -

Sun Lotus

My Reiki student shares her experiences with Reiki since her first & second degree trainings

"For me, Reiki is a truly incredible gift, which I love to share with my heart. I have worked a lot with Reiki and worked a lot with the mental healing (R2), while still revealing so many topics (childhood experiences, my last relationship), which I thought I had already processed.

Through the Reiki and things I have stumbled upon -out of the blue- by receiving a mental healing, I have actually found ways to let go.

After receiving the second degree teaching first I felt very tired for a week or two. Then I realize that I am slowly quickening. It seems to me at the moment as if in the last months all open old wounds had healed in me. I feel so light and so good and ther are so many beautiful things happening in my life now.

I am very moved by what is possible with Reiki. - I never thought this.

I did the first degree back then because I wanted to check out what friends told me about Reiki.  
I was very exciting and wanted to know more about Reiki. After the first degree training and my first treatments I was fascinated how easily one can solve blockades only with the reiki energy.

And since the second degree, I'm totally convinced and flashed, what all is possible and how much power the Reiki symbols have. I have to admit, I was very skeptical about the reiki symbols before the second degree ..., but what I have experienced has convinced me absolutely and very moved.

I'm looking forward to the 3rd degree, because I want to learn more.

I notice that I have felt the energy in me much more clearly since the second degree, e.g. when treating another person. I also notice how much this helps me in everyday life, to perceive myself better and thus also becoming more aware and attentive with myself.

I was able to free myself from a long-lasting mental stressfulness.  My job, which is burdened with a lot of negative stress, will now be changed. – Lately I got the offer for a new job and I will finish my old job end towards the end of this year. - That makes me very happy!

I am currently also treating a friend now and again. She has had a lot of headaches since then and had great problems with migraine.  Once I treated her directly while having a migraine attack.
After treating her for one hour the headaches were well resolved.  

In doing so, I have perceived so clearly the movement of pain in her body and how it effects the body. I was totally fascinated that I could feel directly how the body started relaxing in each new hand position.  My girlfriend is also totally fascinated by it and could not believe that the headaches were gone.

I am still amazed how quick and effective the reiki energy works and that you can help others.

In one sentence, I can only say that Reiki is an incredible gift for me, which I am very happy about to share with others with my heart."

A Reiki Student of Tanmaya