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Reiki enhances your Intuition - Blog by Tanmaya

In a recent Reiki Second Degree training a participant told me that his intuition was getting stronger.

During the Second Degree Reiki Trainings we develop a deeper sense of trust in our intuition and our Reiki energy. This is enhanced by the energy transmission of three powerful and secret Reiki Symbols.

The initiation process (also called energy transmission) and the attunement opens up your healing channel multiple, and stimulates your third-eye chakra (sixth chakra) developing your intuition and healing skills.

The Reiki initiation also increases the energetic frequency in the physical body and in the energy bodies and chakras. Energy blockages can be released and hardened patterns that normally vibrate at a lower rate can be experienced as positive feelings such as love and joy.

This attunement into Reiki creates an energetic connection between the Reiki Master and the newly initiated student. Many people experience a real encounter with themselves and a space of peace and tranquility opens up, where both, Master and Reiki Student can meet.

Often the students report that they feel calmer, less anxious and more patient. Many Reiki-Students also feel that there is more warmth in their body, especially in their hands - as if a fire had been initiated in them.

Reiki Second Degree Training in Cologne

Udo, who took part in a recent Second Degree Training in Cologne, writes:

"The second degree has brought me a lot of new and great experiences. I have been able to use Reiki quite often and have had amazing sensations many times. Imagine, I'm just thinking about ‘Giving Reiki’ and it's starting already a "tingle" in my hands and my hands are getting warmer.

The intuitive side in me is getting stronger now. During a Reiki treatment I'm not thinking anymore “what could you do there”, instead I'm just doing it and it's good. I'm already looking forward to the next degree; it will certainly be more awakening in me.

It was a pleasure for me to be part of this group. As a group we were playful and relaxed but maintained a very high level. Tanmaya's guidance helped us a lot and everyone was much focused and we achieved a lot.

The highlight of the training was receiving the 3rd symbol, a versatile, large kanji. In a very short time we have anchored this symbol in our heads; that is quite remarkable.

Thank you Tanmaya for the weekend; you’ve been able to teach a great deal of Reiki knowledge this weekend and increased my fun and enjoyment of Reiki."  Udo, Reiki Second Degree student