Tanmaya Healing: Reiki - Heart Healing - Meditation
"Discover that place within you, which has always been whole and healthy, and meet your true Self."
- Tanmaya -


The recent Reiki 2 training at the Wheel of Life Centre in Malvern was a deep and profound process for all.

I usually like to start by using Angel Cards from the Findhorn community. Everyone picked a card which was totally fitting and related to their personal situation and brought up new insights. I picked the card 'Delight', and it is really delightful for me to teach Reiki.

Over the two days each student went through their process of learning and applying the newly learned healing tools of Reiki 2nd degree in Mental healing and Distant healing.

At the end – on Sunday afternoon - we did some more hands-on treatment and everyone had an enriching and rejuvenating experience while giving and receiving ' Balancing The Chakras' treatment sequence.

A visit to the local town for lunchA visit to the local town for lunch

I was really touched by the openness and intimacy amongst the people, which grew very quickly over the two days.
When going out for lunches it felt like such a homogeneous group chatting along as being with friends.

Tanmaya-with-StudentsJulianne (L) Tanmaya and Eileen (R)

"I just wanted to take a quick opportunity following the Reiki II weekend in Malvern to say a big thank you. The whole experience was quite unique and your teaching was so very special and meaningful and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I truly feel I have come away from it with far more insight into Reiki than I ever had before and I have no doubt it will be of huge benefit in my future sessions with friends and family! I can't wait to start!

It was so lovely to finally meet you and of course meet up with a very nice, friendly group of people, who were all on the same wavelength!

In the meantime, I wish you well and thank you again for a wonderful, enlightening weekend and I look forward to attending another course with you in the future."
Jo P.

“I found last weekend amazing it was much deeper for me than Reiki 1. I think the connections we had within this group helped and it felt a little sad saying our goodbyes. I have been doing a little Reiki on myself each day and I have felt really energetic and positive all week. ”
Eileen B.

"Tanmaya, thank you so much for a really special course. It is definitely correct that when a person is ready, the right teacher will come along. I am so grateful that I was able to join your course and meet you and the lovely people that were on the course. Thank you so much.

I have had a healing reaction. I have to say I was not expecting it and it caught me by surprise. I had a very, very sore throat by the time I arrived back in Cornwall on Sunday night and by Monday I had a high fever and really bad flu. It is strange for me as I very rarely catch colds or flu.

I know the Reiki 2 course was a very powerful one for everyone and am quite humbled at the power of Reiki and what it can do."
Linda L.

“So nice to receive your email and all the advice to follow on with 21 days clearing process , a useful reminder on what you told us all to expect , thank you !

I found the Reiki 2 and the attunements such a profound experience, and also very beautiful for me.
It was so uplifting of my spirits and I am so glad that I decided to repeat Reiki 2 with you, the difference was unbelievable and I feel it has set me on a better path , deeper and more spiritual . The gift that you have is a blessing and I thank you for sharing that with us.

I have had small reactions to the attunement, I was noticeably irritable on my arrival home and dreamt a lot that night , but all positive thoughts !

The next day I felt so calm and happy and treated myself as I felt I had a cold coming , but in the event it came to nothing ! I am keeping a diary and am sure it will prove to be interesting for me!

Thank you once more , and also to say how great it was to share the weekend with like-minded group of lovely people , Jo and I have already registered with Laura for the Reiki Master Course in May in Somerset.

With love,

Jane G."