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Reiki Master Teacher Training

Sat 23 October 2021 - Sun 21 November 2021
Cost: € 2,500.00
Contact Tanmaya
Enquiries: contact@tanmaya-healing.com
Phone: +49 (0) 221-179 25 17
Location: Praxisräume, Köln

Prerequisites: First & Second Degree (preferably Master Practitioner)

Duration: 7.5 days
Cost: € 2,500.00
Deposit: € 500
If two or more people book for the training course the price is reduced to €2,200 per person.
Incl. Master Manual & Master-Teacher Certificate

Reiki Master Teacher

One of the most important aspects of the Master-Teacher training is the complex process of stimulating and activating energy-transmission (also called: attunement or initiation) with all the associated Reiki symbols. The energy of Reiki and the activated symbols is transmitted to the student’s mind, body and spirit.
After training as a Master-Teacher you will be qualified to teach and share the gift of Reiki with others, through initiations and passing on the Reiki knowledge to others.

If you are interested in the Reiki Master-Teacher Training

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Phone: +49 (0) 221-179 25 17

The Training includes:

Part 1: October 23rd - 24th 2021
The training starts at the weekend with observation and joining the Second Degree Training class - led by Tanmaya.

Part 2: November 19th - 21st 2021
This part runs over three training days and Tanmaya will teach the core content including:

  • The Initiation Rituals of First, Second and Third Degree.
  • Teaching of the Master-Symbol
  • The Master Initiation/ Empowerment with the Master-Symbol
  • Practical issues (reg. teaching Reiki)

Furthermore there are individual meetings with Tanmaya and you will also give Tanmaya a Reiki treatment. This gives you the opportunity to review and examine your own Reiki practice. Tanmaya also accompanies you in the preparation phase for the Master Teacher Training.

Part 3:
Tanmaya offers the opportunity for all Master-Teachers to join any future First and Second degree classes, to review teaching content, to assist and observe the teaching.

Please Note: This course is taught in German.
Personal translation into English can be provided at an additional cost.
Please contact Tanmaya if this is required.

€ 2,500.00