Tanmaya Healing: Reiki - Heart Healing - Meditation
"Discover that place within you, which has always been whole and healthy, and meet your true Self."
- Tanmaya -

Reiki Master, teacher and best-selling author, Tanmaya Honervogt shares her wisdom for the benefit of other healers

Published in Kindred Spirit September / October 2015

Reiki healing takes place when both giver and receiver of a treatment resonate together.
For this to happen we need to be tuned in on the same wavelength. For example, if you have two bells  of  the same sound tone and you hit one of them, it will make the second one resonate and vibrate with the first. The same thing happens between two people. If the giver of a treatment is in a meditative state, he is in touch with his ‘inner being’, he is resting in his centre. From this place he can reach the ‘being’ of the receiver and their two ‘beings’ can meet and resonate together. Giving a treatment from this inner place allows us to recognize and embrace any illness, emotion, and hurts we are carrying. For any disease or hurt to be healed, it needs to be exposed, like a wound to the sun, in order for the person to become whole and healthy again.

MEDITATION CAN RELAX YOU AND PUT YOU IN TOUCH WITH YOUR CENTREMeditation can relax you and put you in touch with your centre

Practising Meditation and Reiki

Practising meditation will relax you more and help you to get in touch with your own centre. To give a Reiki treatment from this relaxed and meditative space inside allows your ability to heal to emerge and come alive. This will deepen your Reiki. In turn, Reiki will bring balance and harmony to your body and it also enhances well-being.
Reiki is a non-intrusive, peaceful and loving way to transmit healing energy. Healing happens when it is sent from the heart. Before you give Reiki, spend some quiet time in contemplation and meditation to centre yourself and create a loving atmosphere that encourages relaxation for both giver and receiver.
As the giver, stay in a receptive state and remind yourself, before offering treatment, that you are being used as a channel for healing. Show gratitude for this in your own way. During the treatment stay alert and present. Be available for the energy to travel through you. You do not need to activate or consciously send energy. Just be present and enjoy the moment. If it feels right, after the treatment, discuss anything that either of you noticed.

Healing always happens from the heart. It is a loving and accepting space we share - Tanmaya

Healing and Spiritual growth

Remembering who we truly are is a key to self-healing. We are beings of light embodied in a physical form, at one with the Universe and God.
Once we begin to understand that we are beings of light embodied in a physical body and that we are one with the Universe, God and the true-selves of others, our consciousness begins to change. We must be responsible for our actions and become more aware of their consequences. Recently, people have started realizing that thoughts and emotions affect health. Emotional blockages can manifest in the physical body and affect the function of the chakras and our immune system.
To give and receive love is an important human need. Expressing love towards ourselves and others is significant for health and well-being, so we must learn to be more loving and giving. We need to love ourselves first before we can truly love others. To express love is perhaps one of the most important lessons to learn.

Reiki brings harmony to individuals so they can share deep love and understanding with others - Tanmaya

Human Consciousness

We need to find the real reasons for illness. In this new Millennium, we encounter a new era in human consciousness. Healers and psychics talk of a shift of human consciousness taking place, due to the higher vibrational frequencies of love on the earth. We are making the transition into a new dimension, where our hearts open and we begin to remember our divine connection. So we need to forgive ourselves and others, transform fear and give up attachment, frustration, and negativity, and understanding oneness.
Old unconscious patterns of separation, manifested in emotional energy mindsets, denial, likes and dislikes, are fading. We are facing a situation, where we must choose to cooperate or suffer. We are moving together towards a new collective consciousness of peace, love and harmony.

Exercising intuition and cultivating awareness leads along the path of understanding - Tanmaya

Reiki is a powerful healing art which supports the individual. Giving and receiving Reiki means sharing our gifts, our love with each other. It diminishes the feeling of being alone or separate. By using Reiki tools, we raise the vibrational frequency of the body, our intuition becomes stronger and we establish a deeper level of communication with our Higher Self. Through Reiki and meditation we develop greater awareness of ourselves and finally reach a clear perception about ‘who we truly are’: each a divine being of love and light.