Tanmaya Healing: Reiki - Heart Healing - Meditation
"Discover that place within you, which has always been whole and healthy, and meet your true Self."
- Tanmaya -
Tanmaya in the UK

During my time in India I met my English boyfriend.

He invited me to visit him in Devon, a lovely region in the South West of England.

Moving to the UK

Over the next year Rajen and I visited each other and in 1993 I decided to leave Germany and move to Devon.
By then I had fallen in love with the Devon countryside.
Rajen lived in a typical country cottage and I have many happy memories of walking on footpaths along the Devon coast, the peaceful countryside and the typical English Pubs with their open log fireplaces
Everything was so new and different than Germany, and I was very excited to explore my new life in a foreign country, as well my Reiki work.

My first Reiki Course in Devon

One day, while getting to know the local area I found a lovely esoteric book shop in Exeter. and I discovered that they were renting two small group rooms for workshops. That was ideal for me.
And so it was that I ran my first Reiki course in England.
From now on I became more and more familiar with teaching Reiki and giving Reiki initiations.
What was very new and challenging for me in the beginning, was to teach Reiki in a foreign language, in English.
I had to look up new words in a dictionary, such as medical words for the bodily organs and functions, which I was not familiar with.

A suprise phone call

By now I felt more confident and Rajen helped me to place an advertisement in Kindred Spirit, a well known magazine, so I could get better known as a Reiki teacher in the UK.
Shortly after the magazine was published I received a phone call in my small session room in our cottage. A lady from a publishing company in London was on the phone and asked me “Have you ever thought about writing a book on Reiki?”
My answer was ”YES”.

Vision for my Reiki Book

Coincidentally a few weeks earlier I had been thinking to myself, there is no good book on Reiki healing in English.  There was only one German Reiki book I knew of - perhaps I have to write one myself?
I immediately had a vison; and images and ideas came to me about how the book would look.
I visualized a Reiki book with lots of nice colours, nature images and appealing design work.
I love pastel colours and my aim for the healing book was that when the reader opens the book the Reiki healing energy will jump out of each page.