Tanmaya Healing: Reiki - Heart Healing - Meditation
"Discover that place within you, which has always been whole and healthy, and meet your true Self."
- Tanmaya -
Tanmaya in Pune

Over the next 12 years I learned other healing techniques, as well different forms of energy work and meditation.

I was drawn to the meditations and teachings of an Indian Mystic called Osho.

Learning Meditation

Osho had developed a series of active and silent meditation techniques to help Western people to calm their minds and enter a meditative state.
I started regularly practising regularly some of the meditations, such as Kundalini, Dynamic, Nataraj and as well Nadabrahma.
The meditation techniques helped me come in touch with my inner world and to become aware of any buried feelings, thoughts and emotions usually from childhood.

Getting in touch with my inner world

It was a time of freeing myself from any hidden ‘baggage’, as well learning about calming my mind and entering deep spaces of stillness in meditation.
For example in the ‘Vipassana meditation’ you use your own breath as a bridge to become aware of the body, mind and heart.
Its effects are that over time the mind becomes silent and you meet your ‘true self’.

Learning more about myself

During the summer of 1982 I visited Osho's communue in the USA and for the first time met him in person.
I also discovered “De-hypno Therapy”, which gave me valuable insights about the conscious and unconscious mind and its conditioning.
I learned a lot about myself and how to relax the body and mind.
This became invaluable in my Reiki sessions back in Germany.

More Training

Years passed and Osho moved back to Pune in India where I visited his ashram on several occasions.
During the visits I went deeper into meditation and took part in a variety of other self-experiential groups and training courses.
The range of trainings that I completed, were: Bach Flower Remedies, Aura Soma Colour Therapy, Counselling, various forms of energy work, chakra healing & reading, as well meditation techniques.
In particular I learned psychic massage therapy, which gave me a deep awareness of people’s subtle bodies and energy fields.

Reiki Master Teacher Degree

In 1992 I completed the Reiki Master Teacher Degree - This meant I was a fully initiated Master Teacher in the Reiki Usui system.
I remember holding my first Reiki class for a small group of four people in Freiburg, Germany. It was exciting and I felt fulfilled being able to attune people in the Reiki power via the initiations (the key of this healing art) and passing on the essence of Reiki.
At the same time I realised that I loved bringing meditation into my Reiki sessions and I started combining therapeutic and healing work together.
Looking back, I can now see that the different elements of my trainings in India gave my healing work with Reiki much more depth.