"Discover that place within you, which has always been whole and healthy, and meet your true Self."
- Tanmaya -
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Reiki Second Degree Training

Reiki Second Degree Training with Tanmaya
The Reiki Second Degree Training introduces further aspects of the inner exploration of ourselves, – coming to know yourself better – using a variety of methods, including meditation and visualization techniques.
Second degree training is suitable for all students who wish to experience the healing energies on deeper levels.

The Reiki Second Degree Training includes:

A special energy activating transmission (Reiki Attunement)
Enhances your channel for healing abilities

Empowerment with the three Reiki symbols of the Second Degree and their usage:
The First Symbol amplifies the flow of energy, protects, cleanses energies (rooms, food, crystals) and enhances awareness
The Second Symbol is meant for Mental healing – for dealing with deep seated emotional and mental problems, as well as using positive affirmation and healing prayer.
The Third Symbol is meant for Distant healing – a highly effective absentee healing technique – for sending healing energy on a mental level to people, animals, plants or ongoing issues in your life, i.e. your work, a health problem, your business etc…

Techniques & Meditations
Learning to centre and connect with yourself, supporting the energy of the heart –  for your own further personal development.
The techniques learnt in the Reiki Second Degree Training are complete in themselves.

The climate of the group is designed to support each individual’s own process.
If you feel drawn to work with the Reiki power at deeper levels the Master Practitioner Degree Training is recommended.
Students trained with other Masters are welcome!

Pre-requisite: Reiki First Degree Training
Duration: 2 days

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“For Example, in the Reiki attunement process the Reiki Master uses symbols and Mantras…. Sounds and Mantras together have the ability to vibrate certain chakras. Through repetition of a mantra you can activate the upper energy centres.“
“Inner Reiki” – by Tanmaya. Published 2001.