"Discover that place within you, which has always been whole and healthy, and meet your true Self."
- Tanmaya -
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Reiki First Degree Training

Reiki First Degree Training

The Reiki First Degree Training is suitable for anyone (children and older people too) who wants to tap into his or her own healing abilities and experience the Reiki healing energies.
The training is structured in a way so that students can learn easily and feel nourished at the end of each day. There is an excellent balance of meditations, cognitive input and experiential learning.

The Reiki First Degree Training includes:

  • The fundamentals of the Reiki system of healing, its history, effects and benefits.
  • The basic Reiki hand positions for treating yourself and others.
  • Manual & Certificate.
  • Energy Transmissions*

*During the training there are four energy activating transmissions – Conducted in three initiation rituals.
The energy transmissions, also called initiations, create an open channel for more universal life energy to flow through the upper body and chakras and out through the hands.
Tanmaya works with each participant individually through the energy transmissions. Each attunement is, in itself, a deep inner cleansing process. It loosens up blocked energy, detoxifies the physical body and supports each individual’s healing process.

The techniques learnt in the Reiki First Degree Training are complete in themselves.
If a student does feel drawn to work with this energy at a deeper level the Reiki Second Degree Training is recommended.

Pre-requisite: None
Duration: 2 days

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“REIKI is a gift of the Universe, and still remains so. As you grow with Reiki you will contribute healing and harmony to yourself and to your world.”
(Taken from Tanmaya’s book: “The Power of Reiki”, published 1998, 2014)