"Discover that place within you, which has always been whole and healthy, and meet your true Self."
- Tanmaya -
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Reiki Master Degree

The Reiki Master Degree (Third Degree)

This Reiki training is for those students who have achieved Reiki First and Second Degree Trainings and feel a vocation to give and receive healing.
You may have the urge to find out more about yourself and to use this experience and inner wisdom to help others.

The Reiki Master Degree (Third Degree)

The attunement – also called Reiki Initiation – into the Master’s degree advances and refines your own energy so you become a wider channel for Universal Life Energy. The initiation into the Third degree takes place during a sacred ceremony and is an essential part of the training. It heightens the vibratory frequency and activates the energy of the Master Symbol.

The Reiki Master Training has been structured into:

Reiki Master Teacher Training with Tanmaya

Reiki Master Teacher Training

The Reiki Master Teacher Training is especially designed to give Master Candidates the opportunity to train as a Master in a condensed period, whilst receiving all the knowledge and expertise to become a fully initiated Reiki Master-Teacher of the Usui System.
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Reiki Meister Lehrer Fortbildung

Reiki Master Teacher Advanced

The Reiki Master Teacher Advanced Training is suitable for all Master Teachers who completed the Reiki Teacher Training with Tanmaya or another Reiki Master Teacher.
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Reiki Master Practitioner Training with Tanmaya

Reiki Master Practitioner Training

The Reiki Master Practioner Training is for those students who have achieved Reiki First and Second Degree Trainings and may have the urge to find out more about themselves.
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Everyday life

Using the Master symbol for meditation and in daily life you support your spiritual growth and enhance necessary changes in your life, i.e. letting go of old, outgrown patterns and beliefs, freeing yourself form mental or emotional fixations and attitudes. The quality of the Master symbol is to rise your consciousness, and open yourself for being a channel for the higher energies of the Reiki power.

Afterwards, whenever the student uses the symbols, the same energy they received during attunement is activated and begins to flow. This further empowers you and allows a feeling of gratitude to enter your life and enrich you.

The flavor of meditation is contained throughout the whole training and deepens your own awareness and healing.

“Tanmaya is an EXCELLENT teacher. It was relaxed, humorous as well as serious. The balance was perfect, breaks just light. I enjoyed the whole training a great deal.” – Liz.

“I’d like to welcome you in one of my Reiki Master Trainings Courses” – Tanmaya.