"Discover that place within you, which has always been whole and healthy, and meet your true Self."
- Tanmaya -
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Practical Reiki

The-Complete Reiki Tutor Our natural state as human beings is to be healthy and happy. Reiki enhances your well-being, promotes healing and deep relaxation on all levels (body, mind and soul) and harmonizes the chakras. This section guides you, step by step, to learn how to give extra Reiki to specific areas, when experiencing physical disturbances, emotional upsets or any imbalances in the body.

This form of Reiki treatment helps you balance the chakras, enabling the energy to flow freely and keep you healthy.

At the same time, all chakras will be revitalized. You can give this treatment to yourself (self-treatment) or to another person.
Stay in each position until you sense the same amount of energy in both hands.
This usually takes 2-3 minutes. It may feel tingling or pulsing sensations in your hands.


Place one hand on the back of the head (6th chakra) and the other over the pubic bone (1st chakra).
This balances the energy of the head and the lower parts of the body. – See image above.

Chakra Balancing 2 - Forehead and Navel

Place one hand on the forehead (6th chakra) and the other below the navel (2nd chakra).
This position relaxes you deeply and allows letting go of thoughts and feelings.

Chakra Balancing 3 The Throat

Place one hand on the throat (5th chakra) and the other on the solar plexus above the navel (3rd chakra).
This balances your personal strength and power with the area of self-expression and communication.

Chakra Balancing 4 - Heart Centre

Now place both hands on the heart center in the middle of the chest (4th Chakra), and allow Reiki energy to flow into the entire chest area.
The heart stands for love and compassion; if this center is in harmony you have a better understanding of yourself and others.
After balancing the chakras, move your body gently, stretch a little and come back slowly.

Note: For self-treatment, I usually use one or two pillows to support my arms.

Why not make Reiki part of your daily routine?

More about the Chakras: Please see also my Book: The Complete Reiki Tutor, pages 46, 47ff & 84