"Discover that place within you, which has always been whole and healthy, and meet your true Self."
- Tanmaya -
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Practical Reiki

The-Complete Reiki Tutor Our natural state as human beings is to be healthy and happy. Reiki enhances your well-being, promotes healing and deep relaxation on all levels (body, mind and soul) and harmonizes the chakras. This section guides you, step by step, to learn how to give extra Reiki to specific areas, when experiencing physical disturbances, emotional upsets or any imbalances in the body.

When I treat myself with Reiki, I enjoy the flow of Reiki power through my entire body.

It brings me into a state of deep relaxation, acceptance and serenity.

I start my self-treatment by placing my hands on both sides of the upper rib cage. This position treats the heart center, strengthens my immune system and the lymphatic vessels. I connect with my heart and enjoy the flow of Reiki energy.

Now please follow the instructions …

…and place your right hand across the middle of the chest on the thymus gland – below the collarbone. The left hand I lay on the lower side of my left rib cage. This hand position treats the spleen and helps with autoimmune diseases. I stay in each hand position for about three to five minutes, or longer. Sometimes it gets really hot, and I feel like my body is charged with Reiki energy. Then I really need the Reiki power to keep myself healthy.


Now I lay both hands on the lower ribs. My organs are happy and my liver, gall bladder and pancreas can relax. Feeling of fear and frustration can be relieved. This hand position regulates my digestion and rejuvenates energy.


I am placing both hands in the shape of a “V” over my lower abdomen with the fingertips touching over the pubic bone.
–  Men place their hands a little deeper into the groin. This provides grounding and strength; and strengthens my confidence in life.

Afterwards, if I have more time, I continue with other hand positons. There are many more additional positions for giving extra Reiki for specific areas.*

I tend to use one or two cushions to support my arms, so that I don’t need to hold them up.

Why not make Reiki part of your daily routine?

*See my Book: The Complete Reiki Tutor, from page 141 – “Additional hand positions”